Sunday, 17 September 2017

Maritime Race Weekend 2017 Recap

It's one of my favorite race weekends of the year....Maritime Race Weekend.  Each year, Michelle outdoes herself with race swag, medals, and race views.  This year was no exception!!  This year had an additional race option.... Sunset 5k, Morning 5k, 10k, 1/2, or full marathon, AND this year, a late afternoon 15k on a local trail.  I've heard about the Salt Marsh Trail but have never run it, so I did the only thing I could....I signed up!   I signed up back in January...when I was still not running due to double stress fractures!

Wouldn't you want to run on a FLAT trail that had these views??

I was that runner who stopped during the race and took pictures
But I'm jumping ahead.  Let's go back to Friday night!  Jill and I left at 5:30 to drive over to the race start....we had a fantastic parking spot thanks to my friend Paul...who also took our pictures!!
Friday night, folks dress up like pirates to run
We made our way to the start line, where we lined up by the color of our bibs (even though none of us remember telling Michelle our finishing
Lots and lots of runners - look at that sky
(not my picture)
My plan was to just have fun knowing that I was going to be running 15k the next day.  The start line is an 'S' shape so there is quite a bit of congestion and not the fastest start.  I ran what was comfortable on the out and back gorgeous course.  It's right next to the water...and the sun sets on the way back.  Paul and Roxanne went out on the course to cheer and take pictures.  On my way back, I looked for him....I saw him...but he didn't see me and I was waving frantically at him to get a picture (yup....I'm that runner too).  I was laughing by the time he picked up his camera as I screamed 'you had one job' as I ran by.  It was too funny!
Paul does photography...check out his facebook page "Paul Wesson Photography"
to see his work
 I ended up with a 26.53 which isn't a PB, but is my fastest 5k this year which I'm happy with given it's a rebuilding year after the stress fractures.    There is always amazing after race food...this year saw chocolate milk, freezies (the best), bananas, bagels and cream cheese.  The medal is a lighthouse, which actually lights up!  Home I went to rest up for the next day's 15k trail run.

I'm not used to running in the's kind of weird to try and fuel for a run that late in the afternoon.  I was thankful that I was not waking at 6:30 to drive over for any of the morning races.  Jill picked me up at 2:30 and over we went.  The course was said to be flat but I  was still a bit worried as the longest I had run was 12k to this point.  Adrenaline would carry me, right?  500 runners lined up and we were off.  The first 1.5km or so had incline/declines...which also meant I would be running these same incline/declines at 14km or so.

The trail was completely flat...and it was beautiful...and very HOT!!  The salt water on both sides of the trail sure did look inviting!
I walked at the 10k and 12.5k water stations as I poured the water over my head.  The walk at 12.5k enabled me to keep going...although slow.  Then at the 14km mark (after a few inclines) I fell in step with another runner.  Neither of us seemed to want to let the other get ahead, so we continued to keep running right to the finish.  I thanked him for running me in and he said the same...saying he was about to give up until I came along.  I love that about keep each other going, even if you don't know the other person!
1.31 for 15....average of 6.07/km
I'll take it for my longest run in 14 months
Once again, I am so happy I signed up for this weekend!  It also means that summer is coming to an end. Boooooo!!! 
We received: long sleeve shirt, race belt, mug, buff (not pictured),
3 medals (one lights up and one spins), and a visor.
Kudos to Michelle on another great race weekend!  Even the weather co-operated.  Now we move onto the Valley Harvest Marathon where I'll be running the first time running this distance in the valley. Can't wait!  

Monday, 21 August 2017

Navy 5k Recap

Holy Humid Batman!!!  Over the last few weeks, I haven't done any running.  I did a 5k two weeks ago on uneven turf and it seemed to have tweaked my stress fracture a bit.  Given that, and the fact that I have the Maritime Race Weekend twosome next month, I decided to downgrade to the 5k.  This year, the race offered an added bit of swag in a drinking glass if you did a run at Epic.  Yay to more swag!!!
Jillian and I went early enough to do our prerace self and stretches before lining up.  In past years, the race went counter clockwise, which meant a long slow incline for about 2k, before switching to more of a decline to the finish.  This year, and a few in the past, had the route going in the opposite direction.  This meant a bit of a bottle neck at the beginning as there are a few corner turns right at the start that hold people up.  I'm actually not sure which way is better.  I do know that I didn't like seeing the finish line as long as I did.  I like not seeing it until the very end...LOL.
Prerace selfie
I honestly didn't look at my garmin for 90% of the race, not until I felt a side stitch and wondered how it was affecting me, as I knew I had to slow down to make it go away.  I was surprised to see 5.25 when I looked down.  Other than that, I ran by feel.  It was humid....really humid.  I would have loved to have had a light sprinkle of rain....and I never say that. 
There were volunteers and police along the route, 2 water stops (more than other 5ks I have run), and some great post race food.  This year, the race had great finisher medals as well.  Past years, I've only received a t-shirt...and I shouldn't say that is more than enough...but the medal was fantastic!! 
I was surprised by my finishing time given my lack of running.  Races always give me a renewed sense of commitment to my fitness.  It reminds me that I can push myself when I need to.  Had I not had the stitch, I know I could have crossed under 27.  I didn't think I'd see that this year given that I'm still building speed/distance from the stress fractures.
Another thing I like about races is seeing people that I haven't seen in a year because I haven't been racing.  People coming up and wishing you well, welcoming you back to the race scene, and inspiring you.  The running community is one of the most encouraging ones you can find!!
This was Marissa and Glen's first race ever!
Glen is my boss!
Everyone that saw me, asked if my new fur baby was on site....nope...not at this race.  But this face will be seen at races in the future if I can swing it...I want him to get used to being around others.
Watson...a sheepadoodle that will be 60-70lbs when full grown, and my new
running buddy once able.