Thursday, 4 August 2016

Kettlebell Fitness - My Arm as a Zipper

I thought I'd write my post as my arms are still shaking and the sweat is dripping in my eyes....I exaggerate not!!

If you remember from my last post, I wanted to try a new type of fitness class...the kettlebell.  Did you know that you can burn up to 20 calories per minute using kettlebells?  There is a new organization called Bell's Kettlebells that came to my area in November but that I haven't had the chance to try. 
As I'm still nursing bad shin splints, I decided not to run but to try a class instead.  I arrived a bit early and watched the Kettlebell Sport practice.  Kettlebell Sport is the competitive group of kettlebell users.  It's a fairly new sport with 5 in NS, 13 in NB, and 2 in PEI.  These same folks stayed for the Kettlebell Fitness class as well.  The instructor (Tim) set up 12 stations, 6 of which were kettlebell related!
After a quick warm up (static stretching = not good) we began. We had:  Windmills, Figure 8, 2 Handed Swing, Snatch, Clean & Press, and Single Leg Deadlift.
I used the pink KB...measuring 8kg.
Many of these exercises I had heard of before, but had not actually performed.   I had done the 2 handed swing and the single leg deadlift.  I learnt that when I am doing the clean & press, the kettlebell should be more in front of me, pretending my arm is a zipper as I press it up.

The next 3 stations involved the TRX.  We had alternating pistol squats, alternating reverse lunge, and rip trainer lat pull.
The final 3 stations consisted of the heavy battle ropes alternating slams, lebert bars tricep dips, and finally, 2 feet run in the octagon shaped ladders.
You did a tricep dip in each one, then turned around
and came back through.
We did 30 seconds at each station, 4 rounds with NO breaks. read that right.  No breaks!  As with my bootcamps, you worked at your own pace, if you needed a break, you stepped away, grabbed you breath...took a drink...and then jumped back in.
I'll be completely honest...I was ready to be done after the first 2 rounds.  LOL.  Swings, then snatches, then clean and presses use a lot of energy.  Then I'd grab a bit of my breath on the TRX, but use it on the ropes and ladder.
Tim was great at making sure I was doing the kettlebell exercises properly...he was giving me pointers continuously.  We chatted about what the class was like on Tuesday nights....he said it was more kettlebell heavy.  A couple of ladies took me under their wing as well and I really appreciate them welcoming me to the class.   At the end, Tim left us to stretch on our own.  We grabbed a stick and did all these shoulder stretches with it...I won't lie...some took a moment or two to coordinate.  LOL
You know what I loved the most?  Looking down at my hands and seeing these....
My gymnast friends will understand.
Will I go back?  I certainly will.  Tim mentioned that they have a 10 class pass, a monthly pass, it seems pretty flexible in terms of what you can do.  I got such a great workout, and Tim says that he changes up every class so that no one (including himself) gets bored.  I'm excited to see what other new exercises pop up in the future. 

So there you have it....I've checked one of my goals off my August to-do list!!!

Any one else have experience with kettlebells??

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

August Goals

I can hardly believe that August is only 4 days away...honestly...where has this year gone?  For the past 2 years I have been teaching boot-camp classes and working with personal clients during the evenings and on weekends without much of a break.  This has meant some really long days and neglecting my own training sometimes to try and fit it all in.  I decided back in June that I am going to take August off from personal training and from leading any running related clinics and reset myself.  I am going to continue to teach boot-camp on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, but the other time will be my own  (well except my full time job of course).  So what am I going to do with all my spare time you ask? make sure I don't just let it pass me by, I thought I'd come up with some things I'd like to do before September rolls around.

  • Just down the street, a new kettlebell class has opened.  I'd like to join the 'Fitness or Sport Kettlebell' class to see what it is all about.  It's always fun to take other people's classes to see their teaching style and to get different movement combinations that I can pass on to my boot-campers.  So I guess you could call this one research.  

KB Pic
  • Kayaking - a few years ago, I went ocean kayaking and loved it.  I love being on the water in any capacity possible, and being able to get into little coves and see nature so close is amazing.  Plus, you can get a really good tan with the glare off the water!!
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding - okay...this one has been on my list for 2 years now.  I say it is high time that I check this baby off!!!  There are now so many options to rent and take lessons and actually just read (while looking for this picture) that I can rent/take lessons in the same spot as the sea kayaking.
  • Hiking - of course I hike (see prior post) but maybe look into ones I haven't done.  I'm not a person who likes to hike for hours, but a 2 hour-ish hike suits me just fine.  The horse/deer flies have been really bad this year, and so this one may get put on the back burner.
  • Get back to my own level of running/fitness that I was doing back in the winter.  I feel like this week I've got a good start on this.
  • Healthier eating habits.  Working at the golf course means I have food at my fingertips so I'm not packing anything to bring with me.  This also means I may not make the healthiest choices when I'm hungry...for example, onion rings for lunch on Monday.  Bad me!!
So there you have it...some August goals!  In the back of my mind, I'm trying to figure out how to schedule personal clients/classes when I start back in September so that I'm not putting in 12 hour days every day of the week.  It sure is a balancing act!

Why not set some August goals of your own??  It's fun to go back and see if you were able to check any of them off your list!!